Zen your jewellery Box

Zen your jewellery Box

Over the weekend , I was lucky enough to have my friend @beautybarlour visit! She's pulling through a fantastic initiative that creates radical shifts in skin attitude. This will be expressed in a film + products. 

We often speak of beginnings and the way things commence. What's at the base, peel back another layer.. These talks had me thinking about origins of jewellery and homes for sacred pieces. Jewellery boxes are these beautiful wonderful places. We open one and see inside the owners soul. I believe jewellery is very personal. Each piece picks up the energy of the wearer. We are all atoms, so in a sense, everything is the same. 

Jewels cling to the vibrations of the wearer. High positive radiance is easily translated and shines through , glittering gold and pigeons blood ruby. True. It's important to utilize natural and authentic crystals. They add a healing light to jewellery boxes. Jewellery boxes must be beautifully styled, displaying each piece as the treasure it it. Here are my top 3 tips to a Zen Jewelry Box, inspired by @retreatzen.

1.Keep it simple! As silly as this may sound, the simple principle is still the most effective method to do anything! Keep your jewellery box limited to a few staple key pieces. Ensure pieces are easy to identify. Donate or sell any items that you no longer wear. 

2.Keep it clean! You know that super fresh glamorous diamond feeling you get when you leave the dentist office? That's how your jewellery box feels to be clean. Keep it dust free, crumb free, lint free and patina free by cleaning jewellery often and carefully.

3.Incorporate nature. Zen out your jewellery box with pops of nature. A butterfly wing in a glass bottle, a simple seashell in the bottom corner. The natural pops of planet earth will raise the vibration and look /feel of your jewellery box. 

Its that easy to have a zen jewellery box!Get started and remember to tag us #goldtribe with your jewellery boxes.